Sign PDFs in Mail on Mac, that's how it works

It is possible to edit PDFs in the macOS mail program. And a signature can also be created here – very practical!

Did you receive an attachment in an email that you should send back signed? This has been quite simple for a long time (more precisely since OS X 10.10 Yosemite): Apple has given the mail program on the Mac an editing function for images and PDFs. So we don’t have to go through the preview.

Paste signature into PDF in Mail on Mac

To send the mail back to the sender, we click on reply and accept the attachment that is to be signed. If we go to the file, a button appears. Here we click To mark – the attachment is then opened in a separate window. Above we see a menu bar with tools for marking, similar to the PDF editing of the preview of macOS. Here we find the selection field for signatures.

Mail signature to PDF Mac

Over “Create signature“We create new signatures. Entry is possible using the trackpad with your finger. With the Mac camera, it can also be easily photographed from paper. Then we drag the lettering into the document and to the desired location. We can adjust the size using the dots on the corners.

The signatures are saved on the Mac and can be called up again as required. See our PDF editing guide on Mac for details.

Finally, we click on “Finished“- now the modified document is attached to the mail, we can send it off. We will therefore find the PDF with the signature in the folder of the sent messages, within the mail. If you wish, we can also simply drag the attachment from the email onto your desk or into a folder to save the document elsewhere.

Big Sur is the big 2020 update for the Macs. The video above shows the innovations of the operating system.

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