SimpliTV: ORS brings 3SS on board for digital television service

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The Austrian broadcaster ORS has decided to launch its digital television service with 3SS for a German software company.

3 Screen Solutions (3SS) is a German provider of software solutions for set-top boxes and multiscreen entertainment. The company is now to implement the SimpliTV digital television service provided by the Austrian broadcaster ORS. That reports Broadband TV News. 3SS is a leader in the areas of design, development and integration of services based on the 3Ready Product Framework from 3SS.

The technology offers an intuitive and adaptable user interface. It is the heart of the 3SS 3Ready Entertainment Ecosystem, which should give operators the opportunity to help shape, develop and offer their customers an optimal experience.

The DVB-T2 platform SimpliTV already started in April 2013. The service was later expanded into a hybrid service that is also available to DTH satellite households via Astra (19.2 ° East) and an OTT service with TV streaming and interactive services.

In order to be able to receive SimpliTV’s range of programs via antenna, you need an HD-capable set-top box, for example the SimpliTV box, or a CI + module for TV sets with an integrated T2 tuner. In order to receive SimpliTV SAT, however, an ORF Digital Directly certified CI + plug-in module for TV sets with an integrated S2 tuner or an ORF Digital Directly certified satellite receiver is required.

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