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"Simultaneously Festival" live today at Arte Concert

"Simultaneously Festival" live today at Arte Concert

© Melinda Nagy –

Arte broadcasts three festivals in a digital happening. Today the live broadcast of the “Simultaneous Festival – Watt, Wald, Wasser” starts at Arte Concert.

The festival was initiated by the minds behind the “Watt en Schlick Fest”, the “Rocken am Brocken” and the “Sound of the Forest”. The program announcement states that this is intended to respond to the cultural standstill in the festival summer.

All three festivals are to take place simultaneously, namely on the Wadden Sea, in the Harz Mountains and in the Odenwald. According to the rotation principle, a total of 15 live acts from the Foßbühne of the “Watt en Schlick”, the witch house stage of the “Rocken am Brocken” and the lake stage of the “Sound of the Forest” are to be seen online.

The line-up of the three festivals includes Megaloh, KLAN, Cari Cari, Martin Kohlstedt, ÄTNA, Joris and Die Höchste Eisenbahn. 90 days after the broadcast, the live stream will be available as video-on-demand in the Arte media library. A program will also be cut from the highlights of the festival day, which will then run at Arte in autumn.

An overview of the program on August 1st

4.00 pm Ebow | Watt and Schlick

4.30 p.m. KLAN | Sound of the forest

5.00 pm Cari Cari | Rock on the Brocken

5.30 p.m. Megaloh | Watt and Schlick

6:00 p.m. Black Sea Dahu | Sound of the forest

6.30 p.m. Martin Kohlstedt | Rock on the Brocken

7 pm The highest railway | Watt and Schlick

7.30 p.m. ETNA | Sound of the forest

8:05 pm Hundreds | Rock on the Brocken

8.40 pm Altin Gün | Watt and Schlick

9:15 p.m. Bukahara | Sound of the forest

9:50 pm Bosses | Rock on the Brocken

10.15pm pack | Watt and Schlick

10:50 pm Joris | Sound of the forest

11.25pm ​​Mighty Oaks | Rock on the Brocken

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