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Siri can help you diagnose coronavirus

by Tejas Dhawan

More than likely, in recent weeks, Siri, Alexa, Cortana and other digital assistants, have received hundreds of thousands of questions related to the coronavirus. And the more than logical, of course, since today it is a global problem, which affects us all equally and, although it is from fear and concern, but seems to have united us all at some point. And, without a doubt, one of the questions you should have heard the most should be, do I have coronavirus?

In response to this, as with various users, such as Alexis Cordova, have discovered and published on their social media accounts, the voice assistant of Manzana now has a simple but effective test, with which by means of a few questions it is possible to know if the user gives the profile of having been infected by the pathogen or, on the contrary, their symptoms do not correspond to that of the coronarivus.

To this end, the questionnaire used by Siri has been designed in collaboration with the United States Public Health Serviceas well as Center for Disease Control and Prevention (better known by its initials, CDC), as the wizard itself warns each time a user undergoes the diagnostic test.

Thus, once the user asks Siri if he has coronavirus, and after showing the disclaimer, he begins a series of questions (all of them only admit a yes, a no or an I’m not sure) related to symptoms such as fever, cough dry, shortness of breath, as well as if you have had contact with someone who is already infected with the coronavirus.

Based on the answers provided by the user, Siri advises on the next steps. If you consider that the user’s situation is serious, it will indicate that you should contact emergency services immediately, while if it shows some symptoms but the situation is not so serious, it suggests isolation and avoiding contact with other people to restrict the spread of the virus.

So far, this feature only available in the United States, and only Apple’s voice assistant has this feature. Thus, it is most desirable that Google, Amazon Y Microsoft take note and add this questionnaire to your assistants, and that both these and Siri extend their range of action to as many languages ​​and countries as possible in the shortest time possible.

It is true that remote diagnosis based on a prior form is not the most effective method to determine whether or not a person suffers from the disease. However, in all the situations in which the growth of cases continues to be exponential, a first screening based on this type of filter is, without a doubt, of great help both for users and for the already highly saturated public health. And so much so, that there are more and more places where, like the Community of Madrid, the first diagnosis is being made by telephone.

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