Siri patents: Chinese company claims $ 1.4 billion in damages from Apple

It is about a property right granted in 2009. Apple fails to attempt to invalidate the patent. The patent owner Shanghai Zhizhen Intelligent Network takes this as an opportunity to file a new lawsuit against Apple.

Apple A new patent dispute is threatening in China. Shanghai Zhizhen Intelligent Network Technology, which operates in the field of artificial intelligence, has sued the iPhone manufacturer for 10 billion yuan ($ 1.43 billion) in damages. Apple is said to be illegally using the company’s intellectual property, Siri, for which it received a patent in 2009.

Patent (Image: Shutterstock)The lawsuit made the company, which also operates as Xiaoi Robot Technology, public via LinkedIn, as Reuters reports. “We urge Apple to stop patent infringement for its smart assistant product, including, but not limited to, stopping the production, sale, and importation of products that infringe the ZL200410053749.9 patent,” it said.

According to MacRumors, Xiaoi, who specializes in natural language processing techniques, started developing chat bots for MSN and similar services. The company later put its offer on Android and iOS have expanded and the bot has developed into an assistant comparable to Siri.

The lawsuit is not the first litigation between the two companies over this property right. Xiaoi had already started its first attempt in 2012. Apple defended itself on allegation that the patent was invalid. The trial ended last month before the Supreme Court of the People’s Republic. It validated the patent and overturned the Beijing High Court’s decision to the contrary.

The ruling gave Xiaoi reason to try again to enforce his claims against Apple. The new lawsuit was filed with a Shanghai court. Apple was not available to comment on’s request.

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