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Sky adapts channel logos – DIGITAL TELEVISION

Sky adapts channel logos – DIGITAL TELEVISION

In keeping with the extensive offensive of these days, Sky has also changed the appearance of some stations. The company logo and other channels will follow shortly. DIGITAL TELEVISION shows the first candidates at a glance:

First of all, it is noticeable that there has been a shift away from large letters in the station names. This is probably for the sake of corporate identity, in German: Uniformity of brands. Because in Great Britain this representation has been used for a long time.

© Sky Germany

Sky will not add the “HD” addition in the future, since HD channels are now included in every package (DIGITAL TELEVISION reported). Next sky one and sky atlantic – as they are now written – are also sky thriller and sky series & shows as well as the “+1” channels affected by the adjustments first. The company logo and sports appearances will soon be subject to the same adjustment.

When watching the channels, you will also notice a major departure from the familiar Eck logos when broadcasting the content on Sky Krimi and Sky One. This also seems to be a trend in the redesign associated with the biggest offensive in recent years.

© Sky Germany
© Sky Germany

Image source:

  • Banner_Sky_Atlantic: Sky Germany
  • Banner_Sky_Serien_Shows: Sky Germany
  • Banner_Sky_Krimi: Sky Germany
  • df-new-sky-one-logo: Sky Germany

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