Sky Series Guide: "Riviera" – The world of the super rich starts in season 3

We present current series highlights at Sky – in addition to well-known long-running favorites, we also take a look at upcoming new releases. Today we dedicate ourselves to the world of the super rich and the beauty of the French Riviera.

As is well known, it is difficult to get into the world of the super rich without the right contacts, and those who belong to the elite circle are especially afraid of losing this status again. When the art expert Georgina (Julia Stiles) appears to have reached the goal of her dreams and gets used to her new life, an explosion occurs on a luxury yacht that costs her husband’s life.

But was it an accident or a planned attack? And how did your husband get his wealth? The first season of “Riviera” brought back pleasant memories of “Denver Clan” and “Dallas”. While the protagonist Georgina was drawn deeper into the abyss of intrigue and crime, the audience could hardly get enough of the glittering costumes and the beauty of the French Riviera.

Season 2 broadened the spectrum with an English aristocratic family that had no fewer secrets in tow than Georgina herself. A year after the explosive finale of season two, Georgina left all of this ballast behind to start a new life off the Riviera. She reinvented herself as Georgina Ryland and travels the world as a repatriate of stolen works of art. Aside from the moral obscurity that made life on the Riviera difficult for her, and alongside her new ally, the worldly, charismatic and carefree Gabriel, Georgina clearly feels comfortable in her new role and clear values.

But in a world where power, legacies, and justice become deadly obsession, Georgina’s loyalty, courage, and perseverance are again put to the test. Fans of the series can already look forward to varied locations and a good dose of glamor. The broadcast of the third season of “Riviera” is expected to begin in autumn 2020.

Original title: Riviera
Country: UK
Year: 2017, 2019, 2020
Directed by Neil Jordan
Actors: Julia Stiles, Lena Olin, Will Arnett, Dimitri Leonidas, Iwan Rheon, Vincent Perez
Scope: 8 episodes of 50 minutes each
Age rating: from 12 years
Linear reception: Sky Atlantic HD
Reception call: Sky Ticket, Sky Go and Sky Q

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