Sky Series Guide: "The New Pope" – John Malkovich succeeds Jude Law

We present current series highlights at Sky – in addition to well-known long-running favorites, we also take a look at upcoming new releases. “The New Pope” had its premiere in February and ventures into the Vatican.

What is the young pope (Jude Law) actually? Holy or devil? And above all: what does he want to achieve? According to the well-known quote “God’s ways are unfathomable”, Pope Pius XIII, alias Lenny Belardo, also walks on paths that are difficult to understand.

Sometimes he is a Christian hardliner and extremist who wants to win over believers more through the whip than through the carrot, sometimes the epitome of a demure believer who judges better than everyone else, sometimes an understanding friend or loving father figure … and then leaves he accidentally drops the baby … or he gives himself up from his merciless, morally reprehensible side and annihilates his opponents without batting an eyelid.

In any case, he leaves big question marks with his colleagues in the Vatican, no matter what he does. And the audience can always be surprised by the unconventional, sometimes polarizing, sometimes interpretative, but always refreshingly different narration of Paolo Sorrentino’s “The Young Pope”.

In the sequel “The New Pope”, the series once again takes its audience into the fascinating inner world of the Vatican. The six episodes are directly linked to “The Young Pope”. Jude Law as Lenny Belardo, better known as Pope Pius XIII, is in a coma. Despite some unforeseen, mysterious circumstances, the Vatican Secretary, Voiello, manages to place British aristocrat Sir John Brannox (John Malkovich) on the papal chair.

The charming and cultivated John takes the name of John Paul III. At first he seems to be the perfect pope, but he also hides some unpleasant secrets. In the nine episodes, the inclined viewer learns what those are and whether Pius XIII is really already out of the race.

“The New Pope” can be seen on the linear channel Sky Atlantic HD and on demand on Sky Ticket, Sky Go and Sky Q.

Original title: The New Pope
Country: IT, FR, ES, US, GB
Year: 2019
Directed by Paolo Sorrentino
Actors: John Malkovich, Jude Law
Scope: 9 episodes of approx. 60 min each
Age rating: from 12 years
Linear reception: Sky Atlantic HD
Reception call: Sky Ticket, Sky Go and Sky Q

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