Sky Series Guide: "The Third Day" – new from Sky Studios

We present current series highlights at Sky – in addition to well-known long-running favorites, we also take a look at upcoming new releases. Today everything revolves around the series “The Third Day”, which starts in summer.

The mini series “The Third Day” is a six-part season with high-caliber cast produced by HBO and Sky. Jude Law and Naomie Harris play the leading roles in the production, which takes place in two different time levels.

Part one called “Summer” is told about three episodes, was written by Dennis Kelly and staged by Marc Muden. Sam (Jude Law) ends up on a mysterious island off the British coast. There he meets a group of locals who relentlessly maintain their traditions, whatever the cost.

Part two, “Winter”, also spans three episodes, was written by Kit de Waal, Dean O’Loughlin and Dennis Kelly, directed by Philippa Lowthorpe. The story is about Helen (Naomie Haris), a strong-willed outsider who searches for answers on the island and thus triggers a difficult battle among the locals for the fate and existence of the residents.

In addition to Jude Law and Naomie Harris, Katherine Waterston (“Fantastic Beasts”), Emily Watson (“Chernobyl”) and Paddy Considine (“The Outsider”) can be seen in the series.
The Third Day ”is the first Sky Original to be realized by Sky Studios, the newly founded production house. The mini series is created in collaboration with Plan B Entertainment and the world-famous theater ensemble Punchdrunk International.

“The Third Day” will be shown from May 12, 2020, first in the original version on Sky Ticket, Sky Go and via Sky Q on demand, with one of the 60-minute episodes each week.
If you want to see the series in German, you have to be patient until the summer of this year. From this point in time, the synchronized version will be broadcast linearly via Sky Atlantic HD and, of course, both versions will then be available on call on the well-known Sky portals.

Original title: The Third Day
Country: GB, US
Year: 2020
Directed by Marc Munden u. a.
Actors: Jude Law, Katherine Waterston
Scope: 6 episodes of approx. 60 min each
Age rating: k. A.
Linear reception: Sky Atlantic HD
Reception call: Sky Ticket, Sky Go and Sky Q

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