Sky Series Guide: "Westworld" – Season 3 of the award-winning drama series

We present current series highlights at Sky – in addition to well-known long-running favorites, we also take a look at upcoming new releases. In “Westworld”, robots are becoming more and more like humans – season 3 started in the spring.

In 1973, “Jurrassic Park” author Michael Crichton provided the science fiction film “Westworld” with a very daring outlook on the future of humanity. In the Westworld amusement park, which is populated by robots, human visitors can indulge themselves completely without fear of consequences.

The highlight: the park’s robot hosts are indistinguishable from humans and go through the same daily routine within a pre-programmed cycle ’- until some of them develop awareness and the catastrophe takes its course. With the hit smithy HBO, the template could not have found a better breeding ground to transport the exciting story in serial format at the highest technical level into modern times.

Seasons 1 and 2 of “Westworld” revolve around the “human becoming” of the robots, nested in different time levels in the middle of the seemingly endless expanse of the park, from which there is apparently no escape. But as “Jurrassic Park” taught us, life always finds a way.

The third season brings the potential for conflict into the world of people, who are now confronted with the independently operating hosts outside the park walls. But whether there can be an escape from Westworld at all and how the plot lines of the most important characters are spun, the action-packed trailer for the third season only gives a hint. “Westworld” continues to be created and produced by Jonathan Nolan and his wife Lisa Joy: Since their first broadcast in 2016, “Westworld” has won 43 Emmy nominations, including two in a row as the best drama series.

The broadcast of “Westworld” season 3 began at the end of March on Sky Atlantic HD as well as on Sky Ticket, Sky Go and via Sky Q on demand.

Original title: Westworld
Country: US
Year: 2020
Directors: Lisa Joy, Jonathan Nolan
Actors: Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright
Scope: 8 episodes of approx. 65 min each
Age rating: from 16 years
Linear reception: Sky Atlantic HD
Reception call: Sky Ticket, Sky Go and Sky Q

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