Sky will be showing Veit Helmer's films from August

At Veit Helmer you can look forward to a lot of magical realism and cinema poetry. Sky will be showing the films by the acclaimed German director from August.

In the Sky program, Helmer’s latest film “From the train driver who was looking for love …” celebrates its TV premiere. The film is about a train driver in the Caucasus who finds a bra and is now desperately looking for the owner. The entire strip is staged as a silent film and works completely without dialogues. On August 4th he will open the Veit Helmer series as part of the film pearls on Sky Cinema Best Of.

In addition to the “train driver”, Helmer’s films “Tuvalu”, “The Gate to Heaven”, “Absurdistan” and “Baikonur” are also part of the special series. Following the films, an associated Making Of runs on Sky. At that time, Helmer’s debut “Tuvalu” was celebrated by Spiegel as a “monochrome cinema work of art”. The surrealistic fairy tale tells of a man who wants to save a dilapidated swimming pool and finds love in the process. The films and making-ofs can be called up at any time via Sky Q and Sky Ticket.

An overview of all broadcast dates at Sky Cinema Best Of:

  • August 4, 9:55 pm: “From the train driver who was looking for love …”
  • August 11, 10:25 p.m .: “Tuvalu”
  • August 18, 10:20 pm: “Gate to Heaven”
  • August 25, 10:10 p.m .: “Absurdistan”
  • September 1, 10 p.m .: “Baikonur”

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  • engine driver: obs / Sky Germany

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