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Skype for iOS already allows us to blur the background of our calls

Skype for iOS already allows us to blur the background of our calls


During the last months, video call applications They have become the most used in practically the whole world, to maintain both contact with our beloved series, during confinement, and to be able to continue working from home, a change in trend at work that seems to have come to stay, at least among the big tech companies.

Zoom, Skype, Teams, Google Meet … have been the most used services, services that have been adding new features on the go to try to attract as many users as possible. Despite the worst having passed, these are still being updated to add new features. The last one to do it is Skype.

Skype, Microsoft’s video calling application, has just been updated on iOS to add a new feature, a feature that many of its users will appreciate and that blur the background of video calls.

This feature, which was already available in the desktop and web version through Meet Now (also Skype), use Artificial Intelligence to recognize which are the non-moving background elements to blur them keeping the focus of the hands, arms, head (including hair) at all times.

Microsoft does not use the autofocus of our camera, so this function is available in practically all terminals that they can run the latest version of Skype for iOS, be it iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

According to the company, this background blur effect is very similar to what we can find in photos with bokeh effect, particularly in the portrait mode of the iPhone, but in video, a function that the Galaxy S20 also offers us when recording videos, not just taking pictures.

Skype is available for your download completely free of charge, is compatible with both the iPhone and the iPad and iPod touch and is one of the services that offers the best quality of both audio and video today.

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