Small gas grill with cast iron grillage reduced in price – is it worth buying?

Image source: Tepro

It doesn’t have to be a mega grill. If you only grill something now and then and don’t want to cook too much at once, you can save money and get a table gas grill. At Lidl there is one of them on offer, but the competition wants less for it. GIGA has the details for you.

Table gas grill with cast grill at Lidl

If you are interested in a gas grill, you should know exactly what you want to do with it. If the gas grill turns out to be too large, you only waste gas and end up with more cleaning work. This is where table gas grills can come into play. You can still prepare a lot of it, have a better heat distribution and even save gas in the end. With a price of 128.13 euros, the Tepro “Abington” available from Lidl is even a good choice. This has a burner and two enamelled cast grill grates. They not only store the heat well, but also allow you to incorporate beautiful branding into the food to be grilled.

Lidl’s offer of 128.13 euros is not bad, but the competition doesn’t sleep. At MediaMarkt there is the same grill for 116.99 euros – without shipping costs.

What suits you

What is the Tepro table gas grill good for?

Most buyers of the Tepro “Abington” are very satisfied. Even if it is a relatively small gas grill, it fits a lot. The enamelled cast grill grate leaves a good impression, is fun to grill and is relatively easy to clean. With the thermometer in the lid, which is powder-coated and stores the heat well, the temperature can be kept in mind. So the gas grill reaches 4.3 out of 5 possible stars. Some buyers had little difficulties with the assembly, but they could be solved with a little patience. All in all, a good gas grill for a small price. If you would like to learn more about gas grills, you can get information from our purchase advice.

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