Small SUV is supposed to turn the market inside out

Image source: Dacia

Not least because of the increase in the electric car premium, electric cars are currently enjoying great interest. More and more vehicles are coming onto the market. Dacia wants to live up to its motto and conquer the market with a small and inexpensive SUV.

Dacia Spring: Small SUV for 10,000 euros from 2021

While VW has postponed its 11,000 euro e-car to probably 2025, Renault with its cheap brand Dacia is fully on the offensive in 2021. The Dacia Spring, which was previously only seen as a show car, should hit the mark next year. For a mere 10,000 euros you should get a small city SUV with the right nice design. It should have space for four people. The trunk should measure 300 liters and the range should be 200 kilometers. This is easily enough for the city or a little trip. Long journeys are not the area of ​​application for this vehicle.

Dacia Spring: city SUV with electric drive for 10,000 euros. (Image source: Dacia)

In order to get a price of around 10,000 euros, Dacia will concentrate on the most important things during the jump. For example, “only” a 45 kilowatt electric motor is installed that drives the front wheels. The top speed is 105 km / h and the battery is very small at 27 kWh. But only in this way can the price be realized. In addition, the Dacia Spring would have to be extremely efficient to reach the 200 kilometers. That would not be a problem for the city. The relatively long charging time would also be an obstacle when traveling. You have to do without a fast charging technology.

What you should know about electric cars:

What is the price of 10,000 euros?

Dacia can of course only realize the price of around 10,000 euros with the increased purchase premium for cars in Germany. That is why the car should also hit the streets in 2021, because only in the coming year there will be an extra 3,000 euros and thus a total of 9,000 euros in subsidies from the state and the manufacturers. After that, the little e-speedster could also remain interesting. After all, you would get a really solid e-car for 13,000 euros, which, as a small SUV, takes exactly the current trend.

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