Smartphone: The best music players for Android

Listen up, music fans: With these players, listening to music on your Android device is a pleasure again. Whether it’s a smartphone or tablet, you also have extensive libraries comfortably under control, equalizers pimp the audio output and many of the top apps also automatically download album covers or artist photos from the Internet.

The days when music players were all about playback are long gone. Today, the top apps do much more than just music: You can download lyrics from the Internet in real time using the Shuttle Music Player, for example, to match the current music. The Musixmatch Songtexte app goes one step further and also identifies ambient music in no time: for example from the radio or in a bar.

You can stream music from your smartphone to stationary receivers in your own home via Chromecast, and you can create individual user profiles with the right app via scrobbling: this is how you can easily discover new artists and songs that are tailored to your own music taste.’s practical service also helps track down like-minded users with similar musical tastes.

Comprehensive functions for creating and managing playlists or libraries are already standard in many apps. You can often use it to embellish your libraries with appealing HD material: Even if no album cover is available, this ensures a chic look.

With apps like the mP3 player you will find a ringtone cutter with which you can easily cut out the best parts of your favorite songs in order to create a new ringtone.

The hurdle between Android devices, PCs or iTunes databases, which used to be so high, is also shrinking: Apps such as the doubleTwist Player synchronize Android devices in the background with your libraries on Windows or iOS computers. The jetAudio HD Player can even do this with a NAS, so your libraries always stay up to date, even when you are away from home

All the music players presented are free, but often come with integrated advertising that only disappears with a paid upgrade. The Musicolet music player is a commendable exception: despite its powerful functions, the app does without any advertising.

Stylish player with waveform scrollbar and rich extras: this audio app wants to satisfy even the most demanding music fans on the Android device.