Smartwatches with solar: watches with an unlimited runtime?

Image source: Garmin

A smartwatch that you never have to charge and is therefore always running? Everyone dreams of that. Modern smartwatches have to be plugged in almost every day. Garmin has now equipped three models with solar systems and that’s not the case.

Garmin: Three smartwatches expanded with solar systems

Solar systems can convert solar radiation into energy. Why shouldn’t this technology also be used on smartwatches that are worn outdoors most of the time anyway? That’s exactly what Garmin has done. The Fenix ​​6, Fenix ​​6 Pro and Instinct have been expanded to include a solar panel and can extend the battery life of the smartwatch when used outdoors. So you can’t do without charging completely from the socket. You can extend the runtime of the smartwatches up to 16 days. It depends on how you use the smartwatch.

This is demonstrated in the following video based on the Fenix ​​6:

However, Garmin’s solar models have one disadvantage. Because of the possibility of charging with the sun, they last a little longer, but you can no longer get them with sapphire glass. As a result, the watches are slightly more susceptible to scratching. Especially in sports, this disadvantage could stand in the way of gaining runtime. Interesting people don’t get the perfect product, they have to make compromises.

Price and availability of the new Garmin smartwatches

The solar versions of the Garmin watches are now available. The following prices are required:

So the fun is not cheap, but you also get a sophisticated smartwatch that is aimed specifically at athletes and has now been meaningfully expanded by the solar function. Anyone who appreciates these properties will absolutely prefer a Garmin watch to an Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch.

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