So are the concerts of the new normality thanks to Telefónica

Loquillo was commissioned to premiere the WiZink with a spectacular rock and roll concert and with a special memory for the victims of the coronavirus. At 21:30 o’clock the first chords began to sound and from that moment the connection between the artist and the public was complete despite the coldness of the stands and the track with the public completely separated to avoid possible contagions. Outside the venue was the Telefónica truck producing and broadcasting the first concert of the new normal that has important news regarding what we could previously enjoy.

Concerts as if they were sporting events

The operator has successfully managed to transfer the experience of the production and broadcasting of sporting events to a concert, so that fans can enjoy everything that surrounds the event from their home, just as if it were a football, basketball or soccer match. Formula 1 race. For example, 30 minutes before the show began, the streaming “attendees” could see the concert preview with the arrival of the artist on the premises, access to the dressing rooms, the sound check and everything surrounding the backstage. “An experience similar to the previous one of the soccer games where the commentators analyze the line-ups and you can see the warm-up or the fans’ entrance to the soccer field.”

During the show, six cameras pending everything the Loquillo band did and of course at the connectivity level, the entire experience of Telefónica to guarantee that thousands of concurrent users could enjoy the event correctly. After the concert, more content to close the show, “the best moments” and a “summary of the concert” for those who have not been able to see it in its entirety.

We are facing a new formula to monetize concerts for artists, and it is very likely that it will take us a long time to see the venues fill up to the flag again. It is an experience that surely does not please many singers and that is that the sound and the scenery go completely unedited from the stage to the screen of the fans. The pressure is now more important because the musical errors are forever recorded and of course the reach of an artist is much greater if this way of consuming concerts becomes popular.

Without having official figures, the streaming of Loquillo that cost 8 euros has been a real success, especially considering that it was a solidarity concert in favor of the food bank. Long live the author of the Cadillac Solitaire.

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