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So it goes on with DAB Plus

So it goes on with DAB Plus


The first new national radio programs for the second multiplex are scheduled to go on air in October. An information day about the future of DAB Plus will take place beforehand.

In the run-up to the IFA, ARD radio and Deutschlandradio want to provide information on DAB Plus on September 3 on the occasion of a nationwide theme day. According to the announcement by the digital radio office in Germany, questions such as: Why does a DAB Plus radio sound particularly good in a car? What new digital programs have been on the air in recent months?

From the current media analysis ma 2020 Audio II it can be seen that digital terrestrial broadcasting is the fastest growing form of radio distribution. 17.4 percent of those over the age of 14 in the broadest audience should listen to the radio via DAB Plus. This year’s radio analysis in Bavaria should also confirm this growth at DAB Plus. According to this analysis, around 400,000 more people use a DAB Plus radio at home and / or in the car than in the previous year.

According to the digital radio office, market observers expect further growth in the future. From December 21st, radios in new cars must generally allow DAB Plus reception. From now on, stationary radio sets with displays will also be obliged to enable digital terrestrial radio. By the end of the year, the promotion of DAB Plus in electrical stores is also to be increased.

In October the new national program ensemble (Second Federal Mux) is to enrich the nationwide listening program with up to 16 new programs. Listeners should then be able to choose from up to 29 national radio stations together with the first Bundesmux programs. As Digitalradio Deutschland goes on to say, there are now over 260 programs from public and private providers (broadcast differently by region). 65 of them reach the listeners exclusively via DAB Plus and IP.

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