So you can improve the food photos you upload to Instagram

We give you several tips that you can apply if you want to improve the food photos you post on Instagram.

Instagram is the perfect social platform to show that you are the king of photography, regardless of the category you dominate: travel, architecture, fashion or even food. In this last topic we will focus on this guide, on the food photos, since we will give you several tips to improve food photos that you upload to the network and thus become the perfect “instagramer”.

After applying the recommendations to improve the photos you take with your Android, it is time to learn to master food photos, a growing trend in social networks. If you know how to prepare delicious dishes, but failures to capture that richness of flavor through images, we encourage you to discover several tricks that will help you to raise the level of your food photos on Instagram.

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Learn how to take better food photos on Instagram with these tricks.

So you can improve the food photos you upload to Instagram

To improve the food photos that you upload to Instagram or share through other social networks, you do not need any special accessory for your mobile, just learn and apply the following tips. They are simple practices that they do not require professional photography knowledge either, you just want to improve your snapshots.

Use natural light when you can, skip the flash

Although the flash of your mobile phone is very useful on some occasions, it is advisable to dispense with its use whenever you can when taking pictures of food, since it can affect the details and texture of food in the image. Natural light is the best option whenever possible, as it will allow you to play better with aspects such as shadows or exposure.

If the scene lacks this natural light, instead of using the camera flash you can ask a companion to add extra light to the scene turning on the flashlight of your mobile, playing with the position of the same to achieve that this lighting does not affect the plate in a negative way.

By using the flashlight or flash of another mobile phone as a light source, you will prevent the photograph from appearing in a strong ray of light that damages the appearance of the food. Also, if you have a useful night mode on your Android camera, you can always use it to take pictures in low light environments without using the flash.

Bet on different angles

When we receive or prepare a dish and want to share it on Instagram, we tend to take the typical photo from our seat or from a zenith shot. These screenshots are not bad, but we encourage you to bet on different angles to get more innovative images than better capture the essence of the dish.

For example, you can get closer to the plate and take the picture from a lower height so that your followers can fully appreciate its ingredients and how they have been prepared.

Food recognition apps

Try taking closer pictures to better show food.

Use the grid and control the exposure

Although they are of food, the photographs must respect the same criteria as when dealing with images of landscapes or buildings. So it is recommended to use the grid -you can easily enable it in the camera settings- to achieve well-aligned shots, symmetrical and with a good framing if you include other elements such as cutlery or decoration.

Before taking the picture, you can adjust exposure until you achieve the desired appearance, an aspect that you can later modify also with the best apps to edit photos.

Create a composition with more dishes

If you are going to enjoy a full menu, but before you want to show it to other Instagram users, you can bet on creating great compositions with all the dishes on it. First and second course, dessert, drink, snacks … You can add all the elements you want to the photo, knowing that you must design a nice composition that is balanced and in which the main dish has the visual importance it deserves.

Play in portrait mode

Bokeh effect

The bokeh effect blurs the background to give importance to the main subject.

Finally, we want to propose you to play with the portrait mode of your mobile phone – increasingly present in the terminals – to take advantage of its advantages when photographing food. This portrait mode, also known as the bokeh effect, focuses on the main subject of the image – in this case the food plate – and blur the background, as you can see in the previous image.

Although portrait mode is usually used to photograph people, you can also use it with food, especially for those dishes with a remarkable height. In general, we encourage you to try different angles, distances and compositions with food photos that you upload to Instagram, because that is the good thing about this theme, which offers you different possibilities to capture the same scene.

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