So you can know if you have been blocked on Telegram

Have you been blocked on Telegram? Discovering it is easier than you think.

Like most instant messaging apps, Telegram allows you to block other people to prevent them from contacting you again. If you decide to block someone, that person will not be able to send you messages, but it will also not know that you have blocked it. However, check if someone has blocked you on Telegram It’s easier than you think.

We already talked in its day about the ways that exist to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, and since we are talking about two quite similar applications, the way to check this in Telegram is similar, and there are different methods that can serve you as help to find out.

Telegram for Android, differences compared to normal Telegram

Telegram, the most popular alternative messaging app to WhatsApp.

Have you been blocked on Telegram? So you can check it

Like the vast majority of apps of this type, Telegram will not notify you if someone has blocked you, and therefore you will have to be the one to check it in case of suspicion. Of course, the most obvious step is contact the person in question by a different means to ask if, indeed, it has blocked us. If this is not possible for any reason, it is time to look for alternative solutions.

Your profile picture does not appear

Probably, the most effective way to check if you have been blocked on Telegram is to be guided by their profile image, although it is necessary to take into account some aspects that can lead to confusion.

If the profile picture stops appearing from one day to the next, it is likely that that person has decided to block you. However, it is also possible that do not have you added to their contacts and you’ve decided to change your profile picture visibility settings so that only people on your calendar can see your photo. Logically, if you can continue chatting on Telegram with that person, they will not have blocked you even though their profile image is not visible.

Your last connection is not available or the status is not updating

Like WhatsApp, Telegram shows the time at which each of the contacts was last connected, although this option can be disabled or modified. But, in case they block us, the status of the user in question will appear somewhat differently.

To get started, if you have been blocked, the status “online” will not appear when the other person enters the application. Also, instead of showing an estimated date of last connection, it is most likely that something like “Last time a long time ago”, despite having evidence that your last connection occurred hours or days ago.

In that sense, the best way to check if someone has blocked you is compare the status of that same person with two different Telegram accounts, yours and someone else’s: if the status “last time a long time ago” appears in yours, and in the other person’s a more specific or different information appears, it is very likely that that person blocked you.

WhatsaAPP WITH dark theme on Android

If you have been blocked on Telegram, your messages will not reach the other person.

The person does not appear in the app’s search engine

Something that -almost- never fails when checking if someone has blocked you on Telegram, is try to find that contact in the app’s global search tool. If it doesn’t appear even if you enter their Telegram username – the name followed by “@” – you have most likely been blocked.

In summary…

Although there is no an exact way to check if you have been blocked on TelegramYes, you can follow a series of recommendations with which to rule out problems in the application itself, or simply that the other person has stopped using the paper plane messaging app. In summary, the steps to follow to clear up doubts and make sure that you have been blocked are the following:

  1. First, make sure that your messages do not arrive, and that this problem is not associated with a drop in service or your Internet connection.

  2. Check the other person’s profile picture. If you can’t see it, you may have been blocked.

  3. Take a look at the status. If “last time a long time ago” appears, when you are sure it is not, you have probably been blocked.

  4. Finally, try to find the other person in the global search engine through their username. If it doesn’t appear, you’ve probably been blocked.

That’s it. These are the most effective ways to check if we have been blocked in Telegram. Also keep in mind that other people can report your messages in addition to blocking you, and if you do, Telegram will apply restrictions on your account, preventing you from sending messages to those people that you do not have saved in your contact list with their associated phone.

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