So you can see the mobile you are going to buy in 3D before spending money

Not everyone can go from stores or shopping malls to see what smartphones are like, so this well-known technology website has added 3D models of each one.

One of the most fun things when buying a new mobile is getting informed, going to different stores and touch with our own hands the different models that we have in mind. Getting well informed before buying a mobile device is really important as long as you want to be scammed by some clever seller.

Unfortunately, today it is not so easy to go to a shopping center to see models of mobile phones. This carries a danger and that is that the buyer does not know what the terminal is like or its size, that is, its physical appearance. Fortunately, A well-known technology website that many of us visit daily has found a solution to all this..

Now we can see the mobiles in 3D before buying them

Samsung Galaxy S20 + featured

It will no longer be necessary to have a mobile phone in hand to know all its details to the millimeter

For those who do not know it, GSMArena is one of the most important technology websites worldwide. They not only publish news and analysis, but they also have an impressive database with thousands of devices, where we can consult all the specifications of any technological product that we can think of. In addition to that, said database is accompanied by galleries and even video analysis

Well, GSMArena has announced that in addition to all of the above, now we can see 3D models of the most popular phones of the moment. For this, it has teamed up with Binkies 3D, a company that works with some of the most important firms such as Sony, Huawei or Samsung.

The fact is that now when we go looking for any device on that website, more specifically in its gallery section, in addition to all the photographs we used to find We will have at our disposal a 3D model of said terminal which we can rotate to our liking in 360 degrees to know all the details of the device. Something very useful without a doubt.

At the moment GSMArena has recognized that these 3D models are in the most popular phones but that they are working on adding more and more. This function is compatible with both computer and mobile browsers so now there will be no excuse to know all the secrets of our favorite devices.

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