"Soko Kitzbühel" will be discontinued after 20 years

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After 20 years, the “Soko Kitzbühel” is discontinued: ZDF and ORF are already planning a new “Soko” for another Austrian location.

The Austrian crime series “Soko Kitzbühel” has been running on ORF since 2001 and on ZDF since 2003. At this year’s co-production conference, ORF and ZDF have now agreed to end “Soko Kitzbühel” after 20 years together in order to provide fresh impetus with a new constellation at a different location.

However, it is still to be determined in Austria: ORF and ZDF are developing a new Austrian “Soko” together with the “Soko Kitzbühel” producer Florian Gebhardt / Gebhardt Productions.

ORF program director Mag. Kathrin Zechner: “With the last season of ‘Soko Kitzbühel’ an era is coming to an end. It is important to say goodbye to the long-running series on ORF as well as to a stunning team in front of and behind the camera. ”

The “Soko Kitzbühel” in the Gamsstadt between ski paradise and jet set has been investigating for 20 years. The first team was formed by Kristina Sprenger and Hans Sigl with Ferry Öllinger. After Hans Sigl, Andreas Kiendl played alongside Kristina Sprenger until he was replaced by Jakob Seeböck. Jakob Seeböck, Julia Cencig and Ferry Öllinger have been investigating since season 14 – and the two hobby detectives are also on hand to help and advise.

Filming for the 20th and last season is expected to continue until mid-December. The “Soko Kitzbühel” with new episodes will remain in the ORF until the end of 2021.

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