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The gallery of our mobiles allows us the precise management of all our photos and videos. As with almost everything, all major manufacturers have their own gallery, which they generally implement as standard in their customization layers. In the case of Huawei, its Gallery is present in its terminals with EMUI, although sometimes it does not work as it should.

There are many users, who directly they have a favorite gallery and download it from Google Play. However, Huawei’s gallery fulfills its function well and we do not need help from third parties to manage our multimedia content, as long as it is clear, it works correctly.

The most common gallery failures

The failures with the Huawei Gallery are not new, and we can look back to the times of the Huawei P9, to find problems with this application. Although the problems with this application are varied, it is true that to solve them we have several common elements, which usually give good results. The main problems that users report are:

  • Gallery does not display photos
  • Videos are black and do not appear
  • The application closes suddenly
  • The application is stuck

How to fix EMUI gallery on Huawei mobiles

Wipe cache

We have dived through specialized photos and one of the solutions that gives the best results to users for to eliminate these problems is to clear the cache, both from the gallery application, and from the camera itself. This is because both apps share permissions and can share common problems.

clear data cache camera huawei

To do this we will have to go to Settings / Applications and we will look for the Gallery app. Now we touch on memory or storage and click on “Clear data and cache.” Then we do the same looking for the camera app. Once the process is finished we must restart the mobile and check if the problem has disappeared.

Accept all permissions from the Gallery

In many cases, the problems related to not playing videos are related to the permissions of the Gallery. If not for some reason, some of these essential permissions have not been activated, the Gallery will have problems to display the content.

To make sure we will have to go to Settings / Applications / Gallery. Once inside, click on the permissions and we make sure everyone is accepted, especially those related to access to the memory of our mobile.

Beware of microSD cards

Many times, users having problems with the gallery have found the solution when realizing that the problem could be in the microSD card. In this case, the images may not open or may take time to open. Let’s see the two assumptions and their possible solutions:

Class 10 MicroSD card

  • If Photos Won’t Open: Files stored in the microSD card has been corrupted. The only way to be sure is to connect our Huawei to the PC and try to see the photos and if necessary, save them. If we are so lucky, our only option is to format it and start from scratch.
  • Photos take time to open: in this case you can be due to the card reading speed. It may be out of date and you need a faster card.

Download the latest version

Huawei’s gallery usually receives updates that improve or fix known bugs. Many users have fixed these bugs by downloading the latest version. Precisely in the change report of version, bug fixes are detailed. To download the “apk” we must make sure that we have enabled the external download options from the security settings and click on this link. Once the new version is downloaded and installed, the bugs will likely disappear.

Try another app

It is a solution that allows you to download other possible culprits. In Google Play there is countless different photo gallery apps to try to open our photos or videos with any of them. In this case it is as simple as choosing one, installing it and seeing if the failures do not take place with the new gallery.

gallery apps on Google Play 01

Download photo galleries for Android on Google Play

Enable Safe Mode

In this case, many downloaded apps can cause problems or conflicts with the gallery. To find the culprit software we will have to restart the mobile in Safe Mode. Thus we will prevent this app from loading in the system and generating the error. To do this, we will press the power button for a few seconds and release when we see the Huawei logo appear. Then we press and hold down the volume down key and hold it down until the terminal restarts completely. Once restarted in “Safe Mode” we will have to uninstall the installed applications in order from newest to oldest and check and restart to see if the problem has disappeared.

android safe mode

Reset to factory settings

If all of the above have failed, sometimes it is best to erase the entire system by returning it to factory settings to free up its memory and achieve day one performance. In order to do this, we will have to go to Settings / System and click on Reset, not before having made a backup of all our photos and videos. Once the password is entered, the terminal will restart and when we turn it on again, the Huawei Photo Gallery should work without problems.

Written by David Girao

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