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The Wi-Fi issues they can become real headaches. These problems can be very varied and therefore also their solutions. On other occasions, a brand may have its own solutions and specific problems with Wi-Fi, as is the case with Realme mobiles.

A network that does not connect or that does not directly find the Wi-Fi point we want. In addition, on many occasions navigation can become very slow when it was not before. All these situations weigh down browsing experience with our RealmeBut luckily we have the right tools and solutions to put an end to these problems.

Can’t find Wi-Fi

In this case we find two different situations, in which no Wi-Fi network can be found or just a specific Wi-Fi network, therefore, each solution is different.

  1. No Wi-Fi network can be found: in this case, the solution is to first restart our mobile. We must also verify if the same thing happens on another mobile, since otherwise the solution is also different
  2. There is not only one Wi-Fi network: if you can see the rest of the Wi-Fi networks but not our router, it may be due to a compatibility problem with the 5Ghz Wi-Fi, which is not compatible with some mobiles like Realme 2, U1, C1, C2 and Realme 3. In this case, we must enter our router and activate only the 2.4Gz Wi-Fi network.

Find the Wi-Fi but it won’t connect

It is a frustrating situation because our Realme mobile does finds networks but cannot connect. In this case, there are several solutions that we can try to carry out:

  • Restart the mobile and try again
  • Check if another mobile can connect
  • Restart the router and try again
  • Check the password for the Wi-Fi network

Slow browsing or no browsing

We are facing the third situation, since we have avoided the previous problems. That is, our mobile finds and connects to a Wi-Fi network, but navigation is very slow or we cannot navigate directly.

Delete saved Wi-Fi

We will have to go to the Wi-Fi settings and click on the options of the network to which we are connected. Now we click on “forget”. Then we reconnect to the network with the correct password and we test if the navigation occurs without problems.

wifi power

Other tips

The lack of speed that makes navigation almost impossible or that the mobile with get into any web, can be causes of multiple factors. Some to take into account on our mobile are the following:

  • Check the WiFi signal in the status bar of the mobile, to ensure that we are within range of the router to be able to receive the signal with sufficient intensity.
  • If it is a public WiFi network, the speed may be slow, due to the presence of other users. We will have to try to connect to other WiFi networks and check if the problem has disappeared.
  • Clean the cache and junk files of our mobile from Settings / Storage / Storage cleaning
  • Restart the router and try again.
  • If all else fails: check with the operator to see if there are failures or network limits in our area.

The last attempts

We always have two final options when everything fails, the first is to update the mobile and the second to reset to factory settings. In the event that neither of the two works, it may not be a bad idea to start thinking about arranging a visit with the Technical Service.

Update mobile

If our realme has any pending update, we must update it. Since its release, our model may have received some troubleshooting patches, including improvements to Wi-Fi connectivity. To check it, we go to the Settings / System / System Updates menu.

realmeui updated software

Factory values

Restarting to factory settings will delete all applications and configuration data, which may be hindering the proper functioning of Wi-Fi on our mobile. In this case we must turn off the phone and hold down the on / off and low volume buttons simultaneously. When we see the Realme logo we release the buttons. In the menu that will appear, select “Wipe data” and then on “Format Data”, to return to leaving the phone as the first day, and check if this solves the connection problem.

Written by David Girao

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