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Solutions to the most common problems on WhatsApp

Solutions to the most common problems on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most used Android applications in Spain. Although it is an application that is also prone to certain failures, such as the application not showing notifications, among others. For this reason, it is possible that while using it on your mobile, you have come across one of these malfunctions on occasion.

Below we show you the most common errors that WhatsApp suffers on Android, as well as solutions to them. In this way, if you have ever faced any of these failures in the popular messaging application, you will be able to know how to solve them and what to do when one of them occurs.

WhatsApp does not work

One of the most frequent problems is that the application does not work directly or have connection problems. The causes that cause this can be varied, since it can be something that originates from your phone, or that WhatsApp has fallen, something that occurs with some frequency in the popular messaging application. If this occurs, the solutions are:

  • Internet connection: Check that your Internet connection (both data and WiFi) works correctly. A problem in your connection may prevent you from using the app.
  • Status of the app: Knowing if the app has fallen is also important, as it could be the reason why it is not working correctly on your phone. There are methods to know if it has fallen.
  • App version: Checking that you have WhatsApp updated on your phone is important, because there are times when an old version gives operating problems. On the other hand, the cause may be an update, so also returning to a previous version helps, in that specific case.
  • Clear cache: Cache accumulation can cause problems. To delete it, follow this route: Settings> Applications> Search for WhatsApp and enter it> Storage> Clear cache.

Messages are not sent

One of the most frequent problems is that when we try to send someone a message, this message does not arrive or does not let us send it. It is a situation that we have faced on occasion when using the application on the phone. If this happens, there are several aspects to check:

  • Internet connection: Check that your Internet connection (both data and WiFi) works correctly. It could simply be that the connection is not good and that is why your messages do not arrive.
  • Status of the app: A crash of the app could be the reason why your messages do not reach that person. There are methods to know if it has fallen.
  • Has he blocked you?: If you do not see this person’s profile photo and your messages are left with just a tick, a single icon, that person has probably blocked you and therefore you cannot send your messages.
  • Phone off: If your messages are left with a single tic, it may be that the other person has the mobile switched off or the Internet connection is deactivated, not to say that it has blocked you.
  • Restart the phone: Try restarting your phone and then send a message to that contact again. There are times when there may be problems with the device or the app, which are solved by restarting.

WhatsApp does not issue notifications

WhatsApp messages

A common problem or failure is that when they send us a message in the app, not receive a notification on the device. This prevents us from knowing when someone sends us a message. Also if the notifications come later than due there is clearly a problem. In a situation like this, there are a number of solutions to try in the application:

  • Notifications blocked?: It may be the case that you have blocked WhatsApp notifications, so you do not receive one on your phone. Go to Applications and check if you have blocked notifications from the app.
  • Battery saving: If you have some kind of active battery saving mode, the background operation of apps such as messaging is usually limited, which could prevent it from emitting notifications on Android.
  • Do not disturb: If you have activated do not disturb mode on your phone, you may have all phone notifications blocked or muted. You may have forgotten to disable this mode or you have not added exceptions to the messaging app.
  • Data saving: Also the saving of phone data can influence WhatsApp notifications, since the operation of the application in the background is limited, to reduce your consumption of mobile data.

It won’t let me download files


It is very common that in your conversations on WhatsApp you send files to your friends or that they send you photos, audios or videos. When someone sends you something, you probably want to download it to your Android phone. There are times when it is impossible proceed to download said file on the phone, something that surely many of you have experienced on occasion. If this has happened to you, there are aspects to check:

  • Internet connection: Although it is probably working well, check that your connection has not been dropped or that it is stable. Especially in somewhat heavy files an unstable connection affects downloads.
  • Check the connection settings: You may have established in WhatsApp that the download of files is done only when you use WiFi on the phone. Enter the app settings and go to the Data usage section, to check what settings you have chosen.

Call problems

WhatsApp calls

Calls and video calls on WhatsApp are already a popular function and common in it, although they are not without problems either. Problems with connection, sound, or image are common. So in many occasions the experience of using such calls is not the best. In these situations we can do:

  • Check your internet connection: When the quality of calls is poor, the main cause is the Internet connection. A stable internet connection is required when making calls or video calls in the application. So check that your connection is good.
  • Don’t move during the call: It is usual that when they call you or make a video call on WhatsApp you will move around the house. This contributes to the poor quality of it, so avoid doing it. Also, by doing this you move away from the router, which contributes to that poor quality.

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