Someone in Google has forgotten to renew a domain and now there are thousands of fallen websites

Thousands of blogs dropped after someone on Google forgot to renew the domain ‘’, under which the pages of the Blogger service in India were hosted

The Internet is a wonderful site, nobody here is free from sin and if not, they ask Google itself after having starred in the curious news of the week with a domain that someone in the offices of the giant of Mountain View forgot to renew causing a widespread decline in the Blogger service.

It seems like a joke, but it is absolutely real. Google seems to have lost control of the domain “” that is no longer registered in their name, and under which they were staying thousands of websites and blogs of users of the Blogger service in the giant Asian country, one of the fastest growing markets for mobile technologies in the world.

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Massive Blogspot crash for a domain that Google forgot to renew

Android Police told us that a simple query ‘Whois’ on the domain in question it showed an update last month and the reservation was empty, confirming that Google no longer has control of this site without us being able to see when this loss has occurred.

Google runs out of domain ‘’ after forgetting its renewal, we suppose, but Blloger users’ websites in India fortunately remain active and work simply by changing the URL to ‘.com’

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Google forgets to renew Blogspot domain in India

A simple “whois” on the domain already hinted that it was not registered

The webs at least do work, but to access you have to change the domain to ‘.com’

From the National Internet Exchange of India no responsible has wanted to make statements to TheNextWeb, so for now We do not know if this will be a temporary problem or will continue in time. and will suppose the change to ‘.com’ from all Blogger websites in India.

In any case, yes demonstrates Google’s commitment to the serviceBecause someone forgets to renew a domain is a sign of the loss of interest of Californians in which it was once one of the most important blog and website creation and hosting services from Internet.

Google forgets to renew Blogspot domain in India

The domain ‘’, free and for sale at

At least, the positive news is that user websites are not lost, they are still there and they are active in Blogger, although to access you must modify the URL changing the ‘’ by ‘’. This workaround will allow affected users to weather an unexpected storm.

Surely many of the Blogger users, who could host their pages on their own domains and servers, They used the Google service for its tranquility and simplicity of configuration, but everyone would expect that webmasters The US company was more vigilant to avoid massive dips in a continuously growing market like India.

For now, we await more news if only out of curiosity, because in Spain and Latin America there has been no affectation.

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