Sony announces new games for PS5 & PS4 in trailer

Sony has already unveiled the major titles of the upcoming PS5 and now the publisher is adding a cute trailer full of special games. With this announcement, PlayStation is also launching an initiative that should significantly expand the range of games on the consoles.

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Sony introduces new games in trailers

After the full game line-up for the PlayStation was launched, Sony is now launching other small titles that will appear on PS4 and PS5. The games are not the usual AAA games, but ingenious productions of smaller studios. Whole nine games the publisher puts in one new trailer in front:

Nostalgia fans are expected with the coming Worms Rumble are delighted and faced with new “Battle Royale” challenges. The mysterious puzzle game is a real feast for the eyes Creaks, which promises a great soundtrack.

The space adventure is ideal for fun and relaxed co-op evenings Heavenly Bodies on. If you like adventures with a moving story and emotional depth, you should be in Where the heart is find a favorite.

With the announcement of the new games, Sony is also launching the PlayStation Indies initiative. In this, the publisher is dedicated to Support for small and independent game studios. Sony wants to provide a platform for creative ideas and games on their consoles and thus promote the indie community as a whole.

A prominent example from the past may be the extraordinary Journey, which was particularly successful thanks to the PlayStation Network. If you are looking for games for little money, you are welcome to take a look at the PS store throw:

It is also confirmed that PlayStation Now starting with an indie game every month starting in July. The starting point is the popular Hello Neighbor.

Want to know which games are available on PlayStation Now? Our practical list gives you an overview:

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With the bombastic AAA games and the cute and special indie games, Sony creates a wide range of variety and can therefore meet every taste. What do you think of the titles presented? Did a game appeal to you in particular? Let us know your opinions in the comments!

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