Sony confirms several special editions for its console but will there be a black PS5?

Since its first presentation last June, the main concern of Sony fans has been focused on the price of the new console, and whether or not they can have a black PS5, already baptized as PS5 Black Edition, that follows the aesthetics of the last three generations.

And it is that although it is not the first time that we see a white PlayStation, it is the first time that it becomes the main color, with the only precedent of the original PlayStation, which would be somewhere in between. monochrome range.

For the moment, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan, has announced that this edition will not be the only one available, with several special editions of PS5 on the way They will look slightly different from the standard variant. Although when we talk about special editions we think more about previous limited edition consoles such as the PlayStation 4 Pro Spiderman Edition in red, for which we could expect to see a reissue along with the new Marvel’s Spiderman: Miles Morales, that some Reddit users already fantasize about.

Although these statements take a more interesting nuance when we add the latest comments from Matt MacLaurin, one of the managers in charge of the new console, who says that «this hardware will be customizable in ways that previous generations were not«. Something to which could be added, in addition to the body and structure of the PS5, a customization of the added light on its internal face.

However, when asked about whether these customizations would include a black version of the PS5, the only answer was a simple «maybe«. Although the non-negative is still promising.

However, although the long-awaited black PS5 has not yet been officially confirmed, Giuseppe Spinnelli «Snoreyn»It surprises us again with its interpretation of how both digital and disc reader versions of this black PS5 would look, as well as new images of the black DualSense, in a video render completely in line with the style of the latest Sony presentations.

PS5 will also change in the digital sphere

While there is no doubt that the PS5 will mean a huge change in hardware, both for its aesthetics and for the huge leap in its components, MacLaurin himself also announced that the new Sony console will also have a number of changes to the user interface with which players will control the console and its options, with «a total overhaul of the PS4’s user interface that will bring some very different new concepts, and more subtle than flashy. “

Price and availability

Once again, in the absence of official confirmation from Sony, we focus on the most recurring leaks and rumors, which would place the standard edition of PS5 at 499 euros, with an even lower price for its digital version, which would barely reach 399 euros.

Although undoubtedly the most characteristic of these leaks lies in the latest slippage by Amazon France, which in addition to this price, would also have confirmed the first date of availability of the console for next November 20, coinciding with previous advances that date its release for November 14 in Japan and on the 20th for the rest of the markets internationally, and reducing the countdown to just 4 months away.

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