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Sony could launch new Xperia Compact and Premium phones in 2021

Sony could launch new Xperia Compact and Premium phones in 2021


We recently reviewed in Movilzona the families of smartphones that we would like to see resurrected. Many manufacturers “pull” nostalgia or past glory to take advantage of its popularity and try to return to the success of yesteryear. Now it is from Sony that we hear this news, with the possible resurgence of two terminal models that already seemed discarded in the Japanese company.

In recent times we have seen how Sony has launched the Xperia 1 in 2019 or the Xperia 1 II more recently. In between, the Japanese firm has placed more affordable range devices like the Xperia 10 and its successor Xperia 10 II or the Xperia 10 Plus. However, in recent times There has been no trace of a “Compact” or “Premium” model.

Rear image of the Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact

Xperia XZ2 Compact

Resurrect old models

Now and according to the latest leaks coming from Android Police and collected by GizmoChina, Sony could have under the sleeve the resurgence of these models for next year, in a launch of up to three models, with a Xperia Standard, Compact and Premium, instead of a single model. Ultra, lite or plus variants continue to be the order of the day in the industry, as cheaper options for large flagships.

android police comment

However, Sony has changed its naming scheme by abandoning the XZ label. Therefore, if there is certain information, the recovery of the names Xperia XZ, Compact or Premium could be a good move for Sony to try to recover many of its users, who cannot or do not want to afford to reach the price levels of its most powerful terminals.

Boosting the mid-range

A strategy focused again on the mid-range would make sense in the middle of 2021. We have already commented on other occasions at MovilZona, that the industry trend is for advanced mid-range devices, which will take more market share even in the coming years due to the world crisis generated by COVID-19. Also, Sony needs a revulsion to catch the global flight of its smartphone division, which has practically disappeared from the market share of the latest sales results in the sector, where Huawei and Samsung continue to lead, dealing with Apple, Xiaomi and the overcrowded arrival of brands such as OPPO or Realme.

Written by David Girao

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