Sony reveals the most popular games of the past decade

Sony is currently in a party mood because the PlayStation service PS Plus has been around for 10 years. During this time, the company sweetened your life with numerous games. The PlayStation Blog has now revealed which 10 games were particularly popular with you.

PlayStation 4
PlayStation Service PS Plus celebrates its anniversary.

Another decade is over – at least for Sony, because PS Plus recently turned 10. Numerous customers have already used the service and may still be loyal customers, because PS Plus attracts with online multiplayer gaming, exclusive discounts on games in the PlayStation Store, monthly free PS4 games to download and much more. But which games were particularly popular with subscribers?

Indie games are often overlooked. Maybe there is one or the other for you.

PlayStation: An overview provides information

Shooters, action adventures, horror and sports games – your favorite PS Plus games are mixed. PlayStation has now published your top 10 on the official blog.

If you want to buy a game of it, please use the corresponding links. They lead you directly to the product page in the PlayStation Store and with a little luck, there are even a few bargains.

In the end, the top 10 consist of games that have now reached cult status and some of them will probably already decorate your shelves. Let’s see what games the next 10 years have in store.

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