Sony reveals what the physical game boxes for PS5 will be like

After the great silence that we lived during the first months of the year, now Sony seems to have fully entered the career of the new generation of consoles, with some recurring advances on the PS5 that today leave us how will be the physical boxes of their new games.

Shown in a publication on his official blog, and using the already confirmed Spider-Man: Miles Morales as an example, we find some boxes practically identical to the current PS4 game format, with a transparent blue case (which seems to have been slightly obscured to help us distinguish them) and the change of the upper stripe of the logo, which continuing with the aesthetic line of the new console, will opt for the color white.

A detail that although it may not seem too relevant, could have a very weighty implication. And it is that one of the great unknowns and wishes of fans is to know if Sony will finally launch a black version of the PS5. In fact, the predominant use of this white shade to mark all its new titles anticipates us that without a doubt the version shown today it will be the original edition of PS5, and not a special design.

So the next big question will come to the price of the games themselves. And it is that we have recently seen how some companies have begun to propose an increase in prices for the next generation of PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, mainly justified in the new needs and more elaborate developments that this generational and hardware jump will entail, reaching to reach initial figures of up to 75 euros.

A rise that users could accept a little better given the current estimated price for the PS5, than in its standard version equipped with an optical drive, it would barely reach 499 euros; and that it would be further reduced for the version without PS5 reader, down to 399 euros, and for which presumably slightly cheaper games will also be offered given its 100% digital character.

However, there are still several months until the PS5 finally opens, with a rumored date for next November 20So Sony may still be holding some last-minute surprises to ensure the success of its launch.

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