Sony will make money with mobile phones for the first time in 4 years

The restructuring of Sony Mobile has its effect, and Xperia mobiles will once again report benefits to the Japanese giant in a scenario of global crisis

Just yesterday Sony communicated the results of its first financial quarter of 2020, confirming that the world crisis scenario had pushed them back in sales in practically all sectors where the Japanese giant operates, including cameras and video game consoles.

In any case, the statement published by Minato’s firm also much more positive readings can be drawn, since Sony itself recognizes that despite the difficulty of making forecasts on a unitary basis by markets, its Sony Mobile division will return to profits this year after being completely restructured a few months ago.

Sony Xperia 5 rear detail

Four years later, Xperia phones will once again give Sony benefits

And is that take action is necessary when the results do not accompany, something that HTC did not understand in its day fleeing forward in the chronicle of an announced death that has never finished taking place … Personally, I still hope that the Taiwanese is able to take flight just like Sony!

In the case of Sony they had already announced to us from the company itself that their Xperia smartphones were considered a priority business, so despite four dark years in the red and the worst sales figures in its history, Minato’s management It was proposed to give a turn of the wheel to return to balances in green.

Something that fortunately they will achieve this year, according to the company itself, after focusing efforts on restructuring the business to reduce operating costs thus allowing you to continue operating with much lower expenses.

We are happy for a Sony that has managed to restructure its mobile business to return to profits, and that despite the crisis scenario and counting on forecasts not to grow but only to maintain the 2019 numbers

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Sony Xperia 5

Sony makes the most elegant phones in the Android catalog

Sony’s forecast is to maintain the 2019 figures, abandoning the price escalation of the highest range

In fact, the most curious thing about all this is that Sony acknowledges having sold only about 800,000 Xperia mobile phones between April and June 2020, their first fiscal quarter, falling from 900,000 delivered in 2019. However, the cost reduction will allow them return to profit with the forecast of maintaining sales figures similar to the previous year.

The best news is that Sony sold twice as many phones as it did in the January-March period, and that’s despite having launched its new flagship, the Sony Xperia 1 II, only in selected markets and not globally.

They also confirm from Sony that the high-end Android market is shrinking very fast, and that users are increasingly reluctant to spend the huge amounts of money, more than a thousand euros, that any of the most mobile phones cost today premium. An unaffordable price escalation, according to the Japanese.

Definitely your bet will be to compete with mobile phones that are more compensated in price and benefits, something that I applaud personally and I suppose you will like it too, because Sony made the most stylish smartphones in the industry and at good prices they will surely improve their sales figures again.

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