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A classic luxury problem: In the Netflix watchlist, an unbelievable number of exciting series and films are waiting for you to finally watch them. But where should you take the time? This problem could soon be history thanks to a new update to the Netflix app – but not everyone is enthusiastic about the idea.

Netflix series & films: offer and costs of the streaming service

Variable playback speed: New Netflix function should start in the app soon

At regular intervals, Netflix is ​​expanding its range of new series and films. This can happen so quickly that you, as a subscriber, cannot keep up and leave some content literally acidified in your watchlist. Netflix seems to want to fight this problem with an upcoming update of the Android app, as heise reports.

The streaming service would like to add an interesting function to the app: the manual adjustment of the playback speed. After the update, users are able to change the playback speed of series and films. In addition to the standard setting, the options 0.5 times, 0.75 times, 1.25 times and 1.5 times the speed are also offered. YouTube users should already know the function. Here the speed can be reduced or increased even further to 0.25 times or 2 times the speed. For the time being, only the Android app will be provided with the new feature, but Netflix is ​​also planning to implement it for iOS.

This is what you can expect on Netflix in August 2020:

In this way, users would be able to watch series and films even faster and thus declare war on their own “Pile of Shame”. The adaptation must be made manually by the user for each episode and each film. This is how Netflix wants to prevent the feature from being activated accidentally.

New Netflix function: filmmakers practice harsh criticism

While some users have been eagerly awaiting this function, harsh criticism is being voiced by the film industry. For example, director Judd Apatow clears his anger on Twitter:

The critics certainly have an understandable point of view – after all, changing the playback speed also changes the effect on the consumer – at the same time there are people with physical limitations who could certainly benefit from this feature. The function will be rolled out worldwide in the coming weeks.

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