Sound quality key to the LG Velvet


It does not fail. When any of us go to a store in search of the best mobile, we look at the design, the battery and its camera properties. The bad comes later, when you get home, and see that your sound It does not live up to what was promised. Fortunately, there are manufacturers that, in addition to the aforementioned aspects, have been very concerned about the audio offered by the phone. This is what LG has achieved with its new LG VELVET 5G.

This LG VELVET 5G was born with the premise of offering users a smartphone that more than meets the demanding demands of the market, offering users a “plus”. With this phone, LG presents together in one place an exquisite design that makes the VELVET 5G one of the most beautiful phones of the year with a unique glass body finish that gives it a sophisticated appearance, hardware to match, with 5G connectivity and a neat camera.

But, in addition to this, the phone boasts of gracious audio technologies that, in all probability, make this new VELVET 5G one of the best mobiles, not only for listening to music or enjoying our content, but also for recording audio. in the best possible way.

Smart sound

LG velvet Sound

The 6.8 ā€¯widescreen OLED widescreen display with 20.5: 9 aspect ratio is perfect for enjoying your favorite movies to the fullest, but the best thing is that it is combined with a stereo speaker that makes viewing content a total experience. immersive and unique.

Its system of LG 3D smart sound It analyzes more than 17 million sounds to recognize what you are listening to and apply the ideal audio settings using Artificial Intelligence tools. In this way, the sound of the phone is adapted depending on whether you are watching an action movie, a radio program, a podcast, music or a video blog. This ensures that the user never listens to content in the same way, but in the best way.

Audio Bokeh

LG Velvet

What happens on many mobiles when using video recording in zoom mode? That we are capturing elements far from our mobile but collecting the audio closest to the phone.

That does not happen in the LG VELVET 5G because the smartphone boasts a tool called Audio Bokeh setting that allows us to eliminate or adjust background noise (wind, ambient sound, traffic …) and collect only the voice or sound of what we are focusing on, whether it is further away or closer to the smartphone.

ASMR recording

LG velvet Sound

LG incorporates technology into its new phone of ASMR recording with the purpose of expand the limits of sound recording on a phone. Thus Users can maximize microphone sensitivity at the push of a button while recording a video. The ASMR feature of the phone digitizes analog sounds to minimize errors from the original source, offering much clearer and cleaner audio where you can distinguish the whisper of the wind or the crackle of burning wood.

Adding advantages to the LG VELVET 5G

This LG VELVET 5G In addition to offering great sound, it is also compatible with the technology Dual Screen Of the brand. In this way we can add a second OLED screen to the mobile to enjoy a unique multitasking experience with which to run two applications or content at the same time, and with the convenience of incorporating it whenever and wherever you want.

The mobile, which you can already buy in the LG store for 699 euros, also has, at no cost, with five years warranty. This is an extra 3 years that the brand offers and that you can activate at to demonstrate how the firm is fully sure of the durability and resistance of its new mobile device, with IP68 certification and military certification MIL-STD 810G.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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