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It’s frustrating, but maybe not completely unexpected. The exact rights and agreements between Marvel and Sony are not fully public knowledge. Sony acquired exclusive rights to produce Spider-Man live action films back in the 1990s. They have held on to these rights ever since. A later deal between Sony and Marvel has resulted in Spider-Man appearing in the Marvel-produced MCU films. The full terms of these negotiations have never been fully disclosed, but it is quite possible that the various gaming deals Sony has entered into with Marvel have been part of the same renegotiations as of September 2019 with which the partnership agreement between Sony and Marvel related to the films was extended. These discussions may have included the fact that Sony was able to finance and publish its own exclusive Spider-Man game, and in the planned Avengers game with a large budget and multiple platforms, Playstation was the only platform that featured Spider-Man. Apparently Sony has no exclusive ownership of Spider-Man for video games. He was featured in Switch’s exclusive Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 released by Nintendo. Regardless of which deal exists, it is agreed on a game basis. rather than a far-reaching comprehensive situation.

It sucks for people who love Spider-Man and want to play this game on a platform other than a PC. Now you have to choose whether you want to play on a platform of your choice or as one of your favorite superheroes. It’s hard to imagine that a game with so many playable characters gives the feeling and control of a Spider-Man player. It’s something that a lot of Spider-Man games have to deal with. Will this really be the best example of Spider-Man’s skills? If characters can be pulled out of the game at the whims of corporate overlords, to what extent are these individual characters an integral part of the game’s plot? We don’t yet know what version of Spider-Man it is. Will it be the same representation of Peter Parker that we saw in the 2018 PS4 game? Could it possibly be based on the Tom Holland version or at least inspired by it? from the current films? Could Tobey Maguire be retiring? We have to wait and see.

The game is already facing a tough fight after several nondescript ideas, and this latest news could mean another blow to its chances. I am sure that this game will at least be fine, but I am not sure whether it will successfully exploit its potential. This is one of the greatest pop culture traits in the world, but the reception still seems lukewarm. Will removing Spider-Man from the PC version affect your attitude to this game? Are you going to choose not to buy it, or are you going to choose the PS4 version instead? Let us know in the comments.

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