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Two seasons have been reported to have been confirmed, with 16 episodes ordered for Netflix. Rumors suggest that this is an animated rather than a live action series, which is an interesting way to revisit history. Many of us have been looking forward to a film adaptation for years and even announced one with a teaser trailer years ago. So it’s good news to know that we’re getting at least two seasons of a TV show.

Beyond that, however, not many details are known as Netflix, and Ubisoft has refused to make an official comment on the details. Without an official announcement or confirmation, it’s hard to say if this is a particular project in progress, but it appears to be real so far.

Derek Kolstad will use his talent to write and act as executive producer for the new series. Kolstad’s involvement in the series has thrilled many fans because of the popularity of the John Wick franchise, which raised $ 584 million worldwide. Kolstad also has Falcon and Winter Soldier in his last credits and was the co-author of the latest TV series Die Hart. So it will be interesting to see what he does with this series. He already has a solid track record of writing for action films.

This is not the first game franchise that Ubisoft has released for customization. We already had an Assassin’s Creed film with Michael Fassbender in 2016. Ubisoft has also worked with Apple TV on the Mythic Quest TV series, which follows a game development studio that has developed a World of Warcraft-style role-playing game.

Netflix has had many successes in customizing TV games with The Witcher series and of course their brilliant animated Castlevania adaptation. So we also have high hopes for this.

Although we don’t know much about this project yet, fans are certainly excited to learn more. Will the original actors come back to voice their characters? Or will there be a completely new cast?

What do you think of the upcoming Splinter Cell adjustment? Would you have preferred a live action adaptation? Let us know in the comments.

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