Splinter Cell returns – as a Netflix anime by John Wick author

Ubisoft brings back Splinter Cell using Netflix. According to reports, it will be an anime adaptation, produced by Japanese studios.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist
Image: Ubisoft

According to a Variety report, Ubisoft and Netflix have teamed up to bring Sam Fisher back on the screens. The new Splinter Cell is not a video game, but a series.

Netflix is ​​said to be the same two seasons with 16 episodes have ordered. He has an author and executive producer Anime already. His name is Derek Kolstad and is known for his work on the John Wick films.

This turns the video game adaptation into an anime adaptation. In 2002, the deal with Tom Clancy, the author of Sam Fisher’s novels, marked the start of the popular video game series.

Sam Fischer is a former Navy SEAL hired by NSA to carry out dangerous missions by the Third Echolon Division. To what extent the story of the anime is based on books, games or your own ideas is not yet known.

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From book to game to series? At The Witcher that works well, maybe it will work with Splinter Cell. It may not be the continuation of the series that fans wanted, but maybe the anime knows how to surprise.

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