Sports smartwatch Amazfit Stratos 2 for 87 euros

The smartwatch manufactured by Xiaomi supplier Huami has a transflective display and offers a battery life of up to six days. In the ZDNet test, the clock did very well.

Gearbest sells the from Xiaomi-Huami manufactured sports smartwatch Amazfit Stratos 2 as part of a discount campaign at a price of 87.11 euros. The Smartwatch at Gearbest regularly costs around 111 euros. In Germany it is offered for around 135 euros. The discounted price is activated by using the discount code “STRATOS2” in the shopping cart. To do this, you must be registered with Gearbest.

Amazfit Stratos 2 for 87 euros (screenshot:

Amazfit Stratos: equipment

The multisport GPS smartwatch, which has been available for about two years, is equipped with a transflective always-on color touch display. This makes the display easy to read even in strong sunlight. The watch is also waterproof with a rating of 5 ATM, has a heart rate sensor and offers a variety of analysis methods such as VO2max fitness level and a sleep analysis with details on deep sleep phases.

Amazfit Smartwatch 2 (Image: Huami)

The carbon fiber case features a polished ceramic bezel, scratch-resistant 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass, three stainless steel physical buttons for easy navigation, and a replaceable 22mm silicone strap. Through a partnership with Firstbeat, the watch also measures maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max), training load (TD) and recovery time. The Amazfit Stratos also offers a sleep analysis. The data can also be synchronized with the popular Strava fitness app.

Amazfit Stratos: ZDNet test tested the smartwatch two years ago. The long battery life, which according to Huami is said to be five days, is particularly impressive. With continuous heart rate measurement and about 60 minutes of activity recording every day, this information is in line with practice. If you only use the Amazfit Stratos as a watch, you even get a term of up to 11 days. Measured in terms of what other sports or smartwatches offer in terms of battery life, these are excellent values. With the included USB charging station, the watch is fully charged within two hours. A power supply is not included.

Huami Amazfit Stratos: battery life is excellent (Image: to other smartwatches, the Amazfit Stratos offers excellent battery life. After seven hours of activity tracking, the battery still shows over 80 percent capacity. In everyday life, it lasts longer than five days with a daily activity record of 60 minutes (Image:

The battery does not run out even under intensive use, such as over seven hours of ski activity tracking. Even with activated GPS and continuous heart rate measurement, you can also record longer activities. In comparison, for example, a Suunto Vertical used for comparison purposes turns off after just under seven hours. More details about the Amazfit Stratos can be found in the test report.

Amazfit Stratos: App now in German (screenshot:

Amazfit Stratos: Gearbest model with German user interface

The model offered by Gearbest is the global version, whose operating system now also offers a German-language user interface. Huami support has been exceptional with multiple ROM updates within two years of use. The updates have improved the battery life even more, so that with continuous heart rate measurement and daily activity tracking of one hour, the battery life now comes to six days. Even after two years of use, the battery life of the ZDNet test model has hardly decreased. Despite the successor Amazfit Stratos 3, the watch is still a good choice.

The delivery of the device should take place with today’s order between July 30th and August 1st. It takes another 8 to 20 working days for the order to reach the customer in Germany. Additional costs such as import sales tax are generally not applicable because the shipment is made via the UK or another EU country. To do this, however, you have to select the EU Priority Line shipping option in the shopping cart. Gearbest does not grant a legal claim to duty-free delivery.

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