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Spotify activates song lyrics in real time in various countries

by Tejas Dhawan

Apple Music is one of the native applications that has been improving with the advancement of the different versions of iOS. The next iOS 14 will bring us small changes at the Apple Music design level, or for example iOS 13 brought us the song lyrics in real time during playback. A function that surprisingly is not in the main competitor, Spotify … But it seems that the wait has come to an end and Spotify has activated lyrics in real time. They have activated it limited to a small number of countries (26), but they are in negotiations for this list to grow rapidly … After the jump, we will tell you more about this important news from Spotify, the streaming music giant.

And as we tell you, 26 countries have been the first to have this new feature: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, El Salvador, Uruguay, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan , Singapore, and Hong Kong. Some lyrics of songs in real time that we can see on the same playback screen, and that use Musixmatch as a data source.

It must be said that some tests have already been done with other providers in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Mexico, but it seems that Musixmatch has been chosen to continue the deployment of this expected function within Spotify. We do not know, nor do they say anything from Spotify, when this new function can be tested in other countries since the streaming music giant I would be negotiating the licenses to activate it in these. Do you live in the graceful countries? update the Spotify app to the latest version and soon you can enjoy these new song lyrics in real time. We will keep you informed as soon as Spotify adds new countries.

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