Spotify debuts hit lists for podcasts: how they work

Spotify is one of the most popular applications Among Android users in Spain, in addition to being one of the most up to date, they recently introduced sessions with friends, among others. For some time now we have seen podcasts gaining presence in the application, already having their own section within the app. Now they have new lists.

Since Spotify does the same thing it does with music: create two hit lists for podcasts. Users in the Android application will be able to see in this way which are the most popular podcasts at that time in their country, in order to have direct access to them.

Spotify has hit lists for podcasts

Two success lists are introduced in this section in the app. On the one hand we have Top Podcasts, which represents the most downloaded podcasts in the country. While the other list that is introduced in Spotify is Podcasts Trends, where we can see the most popular ones at that specific moment, those that are rising and gaining presence. These two lists are kept up to date at all times, as the figures advance.

These lists can be a good help for users, who will discover new content thanks to them. By checking what is popular in your country, or in another, we can find a podcast that is of interest to you. The way to use this new function in the application is very simple:

  1. Open Spotify on your phone.
  2. Enter Search.
  3. Go to the Podcasts section and enter.
  4. Look for the section called Hits on podcasts.
  5. Check the list you want for your country.

In addition, under these two lists we find the possibility to see the lists of other countries. The list is somewhat smaller than that of music, but at least we can see in other countries what type of podcasts are succeeding and thus also discover new content that is of interest to us.

These hit lists for podcasts on Spotify are now official, both in its premium and free version. It is not necessary to update the app, it is already introduced within it, following the steps we have mentioned before.




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