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Spotify Releases "Podcast Top" and "Podcast Trend" Lists from Your Country

Spotify Releases "Podcast Top" and "Podcast Trend" Lists from Your Country


Spotify You have just added two new podcast lists to your search screen. As if it were the top 40, you can now see a list of the most listened to podcasts in your country.

You now have two new lists. Top Podcasts shows a list of the most listened tracks in your country, while Trend Podcasts lists the newest ones «Trending Topic«, To know what is cooked instantly, as if it were Twitter. One more way to be “cool” when it comes to Spotify Podcasts.

Spotify has just added two Podcast lists to its search screen. If you enter the category of “Successes in Podcasts”, you will find two new lists: Top Podcasts and Trending Podcasts from your country.

These two new lists have been rolled out in 26 different mobile Spotify markets, and show users the most listened to podcasts in your country. The lists that we already had with the songs, now also with the most listened to podcasts of the moment on Spotify.

In «Podcasts Top» you have a list with the 200 most listened podcasts of your country, with the green or red indication if the trend is upward or downward in reproductions.

The “Trending Podcasts” list shows you the 50 most listened to new podcasts, updated daily, with the corresponding green or red mark that shows you as in the previous list if the popularity rises or falls.

Some countries, such as Brazil, Australia, Germany, Mexico, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States, offer even more detailed data and separate the best podcasts by category, allowing users to better filter the search for the most requested audios.

These new lists too are notified to their Podcasters. Creators with audios in the lists will receive a notification in their control panel notifying them of the incorporation, so they can advertise it and share their success on social networks.

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