Spotify, TikTok, Tinder and more apps stop working on iOS

Dozens of popular apps fail on iOS. On Android, they continue to work normally.

Dozens of popular applications, including TikTok, Spotify or Tinder they have stopped working in much of the world from one moment to the next. The ruling is affecting iOS device users such as iPhones and iPads, and both the Android versions and the app apps of these platforms continue to operate with apparent normality. The origin of the problem, as explained in The Verge, is a bug in Facebook SDK for iOS, as the company behind the social network itself has recognized through its engineering portal.

The main social networks and platforms like DownDetector have been flooded with reports by users warning about the problems of these applications in these last minutes. Also, #iPhone is one of the most popular hashtags on Twitter at the time of publishing this article.

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Some popular apps have stopped working on iOS

Spotify not working on your iPhone? Take it easy, you’re not alone

This is not the first time Facebook SDK causes problems in popular applications. Already in May, many other apps stopped working completely due to a problem with the social network SDK, used by companies to manage the users’ login through their Facebook account. However, the problem affects all app users equally, regardless of whether or not they use their Facebook account to log in.

The problem in question manifests itself in the form of forced closing of applications in most cases, such as in apps like Spotify or Waze, although in others it is possible to open the applications and use them after several attempts. The latter case is that of utilities such as Booking or VSCO.

Around 16:30 – Spanish time -, Facebook has marked the error as “solved”, and therefore the applications they should work as usual.

How to temporarily fix the problem

Since it is not the first time that we are facing such a problem due to the Facebook SDK, since The Verge they propose a temporary solution that allows you to reuse the applications in case it happens again.

For this, it is only necessary to use the Lockdown Apps application available in the App Store, which allows creating a secure environment in which to run applications through a VPN that blocks third-party trackers – such as the Facebook SDK. Once installed, you just have to activate the “Firewall” option and accept the necessary permissions to configure a VPN profile on the device. Thus, the applications should run smoothly again.

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