SSD vs HDD – Which is the best for gaming [ANSWERED]

Every player needs a reliable disk to store their games and other preinstalled files for online games. In this case, enough space is required for all of your games and anything else that you may have on your computer.

SSDs and HDDs are the common types of storage used by computer users around the world. Both store data, but their technology is very different.

This explains why it can be confusing to choose between the two. This is a detailed comparison of SSD and HDD to help players make the best choice for the disk.

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What are you?

Each computer has a basic memory called HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

The hard drive consists of many removable parts. The hard disk capacities of the hard disk are 500 G, 1 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB etc., each with a different size.

There are also various hard drive interfaces, for example SATA and PATA. PATA and SATA interfaces are best suited for private households because they have large capacities and are cheaper.

There is also a SCSI interface, which is usually more stable and offers better performance so that it can be used well for workstations and offices. The latter are usually more expensive.

SDD or Solid State Drive, on the other hand, is a disk that consists of electronic solid-state memory chip arrays. It contains both control and storage units. This type of storage is mainly used by militants, among other things for network surveillance, video surveillance and in navigation devices.

SSDs are more expensive than hard drives. The problem with SSDs is that they are not as popular as HDDs.


The speed of a storage device is very important when playing. In this case, SDD takes the lead.

SDD has a faster read / write speed, mainly because it has no head like HDDs. It has a speed that is two or three times faster than that of hard drives.

SDD uses flash memory as the storage medium. whose search time is zero. This means that there are no delays at all when reading and writing information. You can run anything on it, including the entire operating system or larger software.

This is important when playing because it determines the game’s loading speed and overall system performance.


This is also very important when playing.

It is important to note that both SSDs and HDDs have good storage capacity, which can reach up to 8 TB and more.

It’s easy these days to get more storage capacity with any storage device you choose. The only difference is the price-performance ratio.

In this case, a hard drive is a cheaper option than an SSD. SSDs are high-priced and their prices on the market increase with increasing popularity.

So if you’re looking for higher capacity at a much cheaper price, a hard drive is a better storage device for you.


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Hard drives can be very noisy because they use a mechanical motor during operation. SSDs do not use a motor. Without this motor and the internal moving parts, SSDs can be operated with 0 dB noise.

However, not all hard drives are noisy.

Their noise level mainly depends on their speed. Hard drives that spin at a higher speed tend to generate more noise than the slower ones. The age or condition of the hard drive also determines the sound it makes.

If you use an old or damaged hard drive, there will be more noise than a newer hard drive.


Hard drives are perishable.

This is because they contain several internal mechanical parts that are removable. These are missing in SSDs, so that the latter can survive in the event of vibrations, tipping over and even falling. In the event of a fall or abuse, hard drives can be easily damaged and this can lead to data loss.

If one of its internal parts is lost or damaged, it is immediately damaged. When you use an SSD, your data is completely secure, even if your laptop drops.

When it comes to their lifespan, hard drives can last much longer than hard drives. However, this is not a big deal as you can enjoy your SSD for over 5 years even when used intensively. Hard drives, on the other hand, can live for up to ten years, but their performance tends to decrease over time. In this case, neither is better than the other.


Hard drives, especially the traditional ones, are quite heavy and have a large volume. They may not be as portable as SSDs, which are much smaller and lighter.

For players who want to take their games anywhere, SSDs are the better option in this case. With SSDs, you can easily share your games and easily play with friends. However, hard drives can only be used in your playroom or home.

Data loss

The probability that data stored on a hard disk is lost is very high.

Data loss is a nightmare for every computer user. For a player, this means losing their favorite games and anything else they may have had on their computer.

Hard drive performance decreases over time and the risk of hard drive damage increases. The probability of losing data increases even after repeated overwriting. Hard drives have a normal lifespan of only five years. After that, you run the risk of losing your games and important data.

SSDs are more reliable because they cannot be easily damaged by overwriting multiple times. They are also not easily damaged and can therefore function well for many years without losing their ability.

Heat dissipation

Since heating is a serious problem that many players are facing today, it is important to consider heat dissipation when buying a storage device for games.

In this case, SSDs are better to use. This is because they are more energy efficient. SSDs produce less heat than HDDs.

A hard drive can easily overheat your computer, reducing performance and life. An SSD provides your laptop with the cooling power it needs, giving you more time to enjoy your games.


SSD vs HDD - Which is best for games
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Hard drives are very good
for games.

This is as long as they have enough capacity to store your games and are fast enough to support the graphics.

However, the performance of SSDs is better than that of a hard drive. SDDs are more reliable, serve you better for a long time, and are more durable and less easy to damage.

However, SSDs aren’t the best for long-term storage solutions.

This is due to their ever increasing prices on the market and their shot life. The best thing you can do as a player is to use what both have to offer.

You can purchase a smaller SSD for all of your games and then use a larger hard drive for your data. This way you get a perfect storage solution at a lower cost.

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