Standard search engine: Goolge and Apple under fire from regulators

It is currently not easy for Apple, so two proceedings against the manufacturer have recently been initiated in the EU for market abuse. There are now new allegations from the UK. There, the contract for the standard search engine between Google and Apple is reminded.

Quarter after quarter, the Cupertino Group underlines its increasing sales in the Services division, but this area does not only include the streaming services. Apple also receives billions in payments from Google for the standard search engine in iOS. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) wants Apple to have earned £ 1.2 billion in the UK alone.

Standard search engine and Safari

A report by the CMA, according to Reuters, now suggests that this agreement should significantly hinder competitors. To date, Apple has sovereignty over the standard browser on iOS, in which Google is pre-assigned as a search engine. In iOS 14 it should be possible to set other browsers as the default, but it will take a few months until then.

We already know a possible solution from Windows. Users should be able to select the desired search engine from a list the first time they start Safari.

Via Reuters

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