Steer sex toys with Animal Crossing – if these are not new horizons

In times of social distance, video games became a substitute meeting point with other people and Animal Crossing: New Horizons in particular. This also applies to appointments such as Tinder dates, but a possible component has so far been missing.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The American Kyle Machulis has found a way to transfer the haptic feedback of a Nintendo Switch to sex toys. That means, Whenever a player in Animal Crossing: New Horizons ejects the rod or swings the shovel, there is vibration from a vibrator, butt plug or other toy.

Here is a family-free demonstration of the function:

Of course, this only looks like a single player, because in a multiplayer session there is no reaction on the switch if a player is caught by another with the shovel. However, it is different if you fall into someone else’s trap. This then triggers the haptic feedback for you.

So as long as you fall into the hole, the sex toy doesn’t stop vibrating. There is also an option to lay out a pattern of traps for someone else to move through.

You only give others pleasure indirectly through this method, but there can also be an attraction. The whole thing is an open source project and you can participate on GitHub. The site welcomes you with the beautiful sentence:

“… or maybe you just got someone about a sex toy that works with Animal Crossing: New Horizons and were wondering what the hell is going on.”

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