Stefanie Heinzmann is the new brand ambassador for Revox

© Revox

In the future, the pop singer will advertise Revox, a manufacturer of private audio systems from Switzerland.

The traditional company Revox has added a new member to its family of brand ambassadors: Stefanie Heinzmann is now also appearing as a brand ambassador for the manufacturer of audio devices. These devices for private use such as loudspeakers and audio systems have studio sound quality and should reproduce the recordings from the studio in your own four walls as faithfully as possible.

Stefanie Heinzmann is convinced of the products of the brand, which was founded more than 70 years ago: “If you show people who are used to bad sound, really good sound, they will immediately notice a difference.” The Swiss-born had her breakthrough in the context of TV -Entertainer Stefan Raab developed the casting show “SSDSDSSWEMUGABRTLAD“. The abbreviation stands for “Stefan is looking for the superstar who should sing what he wants and can also appear on RTL!” She won a recording contract and started her international career as a talented vocalist – with great success.

Over the years, Heinzmann learned a lot about music and sound reproduction, and music quality is particularly important to her – an aspect that fits in well with Revox’s company philosophy. In addition to the musicians Baschi, Marius Bear and Sensu, Heinzmann is now the fourth prominent member of the Revox Family. As a brand ambassador, she will of course use the manufacturer’s loudspeakers herself at home and on the go.

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