Step back: Apple sends employees back to the home office and sends corona tests

Since the days of Steve Jobs, Apple has not necessarily been a fan of home offices, the Cupertino group was also one of the first companies to slowly let their employees return to headquarters. Retail stores were also quickly reopened – some of which had to close again in the meantime. Now the group is taking a step back.

According to media reports, Apple is now leaving its employees at home again, the group does not expect that we will still be normal this year. The situation is similar with the stores – the group asks the employees to provide support from home.

“If your business is closed, please log in to Retail at Home, please speak to your manager, because we really need to make sure that we move our teams to greet our customers remotely during this time,” said O’Brien the staff in the video. “We may have to work remotely for a while.

“This is not the experience we want our customers to have,” added O’Brien. “So we really want to make sure we go where our customers are to help them in this very difficult time,” added O’Brien. As you know, people are really dependent on their devices, especially now.

Apple sends Corona tests

So Apple employees no longer even have to leave the house to be tested on Covid-19. The company sends its employees a self-test directly. What can work at home look like? The group also published a humorous spot yesterday.

Via Bloomberg and CNN

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