Stirring documentary series "Surviving Jeffrey Epstein" starts soon

After “Surviving R. Kelly” comes “Surviving Jeffrey Epstein”, another documentary that deals with the topic of abuse. The format comes to Crime + Investigation in September.

Last summer, investment banker Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in his prison cell. He had previously been accused of abusing underage women for years. Epstein’s financial and social influence apparently helped him hide his deeds for so long. So far, the case is still ongoing. It was not until early July that Epstein’s confidante Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested. She is said to have been involved in the deeds and must also be responsible in court.

The documentary “Surviving Jeffrey Epstein” lasts four hours. The series will be broadcast in the US at the beginning of August. From September 26th at 10.50 p.m., interested parties in Germany can also deal with the case. Crime + Investigation shows the format as a German TV premiere.

The role models “Leaving Neverland” and especially the title-related documentary “Surviving R. Kelly” reached an audience of millions worldwide and were controversial for weeks. “Surviving Jeffrey Epstein” now also wants to offer victims of sexual violence a platform to increase sensitivity and public awareness of the topic, as the broadcaster announces. The new documentary series is to be part of the “End violence against women” campaign by A + E Networks EMEA. Eight people affected will describe their experiences and allegations in the Epstein documentary.

The trailer for the documentary is available here:

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  • epstein: Crime + Investigation / A + E Networks

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