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Stores charge up to 49 euros to install Play Store on your Huawei mobile

Stores charge up to 49 euros to install Play Store on your Huawei mobile


Since the war between the US and Huawei broke out preventing users from enjoying a licensed version of Android on Huawei phones, there are many methods that have emerged to install Google apps on mobile phones from the manufacturer.

Some stores and businesses have seen the business niche and promise to install the Play Store on Google mobiles that do not have GMS. Is it reliable? Is it worth investing money in updating Huawei phones?

Stores that install the Play Store on your Huawei mobile

For some time now, ads have been appearing on social networks that allow you to end the great headache of the latest Huawei phones: the absence of Google Play Store.


Surely many of those who come across these ads think the same. Is it legal? Am I going to face any problem manipulating the phone software?

Is it legal?

Google, after seeing how different developers launched tools to install the Play Store on mobile phones Huawei without GMS; soon issued a warning to users:

Google is prohibited from working with Huawei on new device models or from providing Google applications, including Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Play Store, and others to preload or download on these devices.

The company claims the importance of purchasing security for all facilities through Play Protect

Play Protect certified devices go through a rigorous security review and compatibility testing process, conducted by Google, to ensure that user data and application information is kept secure. They also come standard with our Google Play Protect software, which provides protection against the compromised device … Side loading of Google applications also carries a high risk of installing an application that has been tampered with or altered in a way that could compromise the security of the device. user.

Legal yes but… and the guarantee?

So far what we see is that Google makes it clear that it is not recommended for security reasons, to carry out installations from suspicious places, but it does not say that it is not legal to install the Play Store on a Huawei mobile.

However, where you can find problems is when executing the phone’s warranty because if you have any problems later, Huawei makes it clear that its mobiles will not be covered …

When there is evidence that the internal parts and software of the equipment have been manipulated by personnel or Service Centers NOT Authorized by Huawei, or have been modified without the authorization of Huawei.

Imagine that the installation of the Google store on mobile It will not be a big problem because you can always return the phone to its original state, but it never hurts to know.


play store huawei

Huawei has developed the tool Petal Search to locate apps from the App Gallery without depending on the Google. However, many of these apps require the services of the big G to work. For this reason you will find problems when running apps like Instagram or Facebook Messenger, while others like WhatsApp, whose APK can be downloaded from its official page, will work but canceling the services associated with other Google apps.

In addition, there is always the doubt that the methods used will stop working and the apps you install from this “temporary Play Store” will stop working normally. Therefore, more interesting than installing the Play Store is to know if, despite doing so, the applications that we download will work without the relevant services.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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