"Storm of Love" turns 15 today

“Storm of Love” is one of the biggest long-running favorites in the afternoon program. Today, the most successful telenovela in Europe is celebrating its 15th anniversary.

It all started on August 1, 2005 with the shooting of “Project Cinderella”. That was the working title at the time. To date, the series, originally ordered for 100 episodes, has grown to 3,417. As the first reports, a total of 270,000 screenplays have been made into films, 97,500 scenes have been played, 8850 kissed and 53 marriages.

Bea Schmidt, producer of the series, remembers: “15 years ago I got the unique opportunity to produce a telenovela. I put my heart and soul into the development and implementation, and it was an incredible feeling when the first episode aired on September 26, 2005. The alpha and omega are the stories. Only the right mix of emotions, excitement and intrigue have led to this long-lasting success – and of course our great actors who make these stories come alive. ”

Most successful streaming format of German television stations

According to ARD, the telenovela around the fictional hotel “Fürstenhof” is currently expected to achieve an average market share of 14 percent. The calls in the online media library are not yet included. In the first six and a half months of this year, the episodes are said to have been viewed almost 56 million times online.

The station already promises new emotional stories for October. Since the “Fürstenhof” is closed for renovation work, Robert invites his friends and colleagues on an excursion. But one of them will not return to Bichlheim. Meanwhile, Ariane’s revenge campaign against Christoph is heading for a bombastic finale.

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